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Van Reybrouck Corporate Finance is part of Van Reybrouck, an independent consultancy firm with offices in Bruges and Brussels. Besides our corporate finance activities, we are active in accountancy and tax & legal advice. Our multidisciplinary team consists of over 40 enthusiastic experts who act as the trusted advisors of entrepreneurs and businesses.

About us

Van Reybrouck Corporate Finance focuses on supporting you - entrepreneurs, managers and shareholders - at crucial moments in your company’s lifecycle - from the sale of your company to growth processes, acquisitions or the elaboration of complex financing operations. We share the passion to succeed, the will to make a difference and the urge to make an impact.

Your business story takes centre stage

As financial advisors, we are interested in figures, but we take it one step further. We want to really understand your business, your ambitions, your story, in all its facets. This knowledge makes us better advisors. Trusted advisors who deliver customised solutions, tailored to your expectations. Realistic, starting from the facts, with you and your business taking centre stage. Creative and eager to turn your plans into a reality.

Open and clear communication

We do not mince our words. We don't waste time with flattery and small talk. We promise you honest and independent advice based on our knowledge and experience. We communicate openly and clearly. In our cooperation, interests are fully aligned and there are no hidden agendas. This makes us not only advisors, but true partners.

Ready to go the extra mile

Corporate finance advice is no 9-to-5 job. You can count on us in all circumstances. Together with you, we will go that extra mile to achieve results. Even when the going gets tough, we remain calmly by your side. With words and actions, by anticipating and reacting, with an eye for facts, figures and emotions.


Vincent Jacobs

Vincent (°1979) is a civil engineer in electronics and holds a Master's degree in Management from the Antwerp Management School. Vincent built up 14 years of experience as an advisor on acquisitions and capital market transactions as Director of Corporate Finance at ING. He has been a partner at Van Reybrouck since 2017.

As an engineer with a solid financial and legal background, Vincent is valued for his strategic insight and targeted pragmatic approach. His strong analytical skills and broad helicopter view are a great asset. He acts as a sounding board and trusted advisor for numerous clients.

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Pieter Van Reybrouck

Pieter (°1972) studied Law and Philosophy. He started his career as an assistant and researcher at KU Leuven. In 2004 Pieter became a certified accountant and tax advisor. Together with Mattias Van Reybrouck, he is the founding partner of Van Reybrouck.

As a financial and legal advisor with an atypical background, Pieter is appreciated for his ability to think outside the box, without losing sight of connections and the ultimate goal. His broad interest, independent view, sincere involvement and strategic insight make him the trusted advisor of many clients.

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