Trusted advisors in corporate finance
Trusted advisors in corporate finance

Mergers & acquisitions

Optimal guidance for complex processes

Selling your company is one of the most important deals of your career. A complex process with many facets in which experience and knowledge make all the difference. That is why you should call on an expert.

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From A to Z

Van Reybrouck guides you and your company from the first considerations to the final transaction. We bring together all the financial, operational and strategic elements, without forgetting the personal and emotional aspects.

Analysis is key

Thorough preparation starts with an analysis of the company and the market. Where are the opportunities and threats? What are the value drivers? We look at the figures and at the people. This is how we position your company within the sales process.

Fine-tuning the strategy

Together, we determine the sales strategy and the buyer profile. Based on this, we look for the right buyer through our extensive network and market knowledge. With full discretion and confidentiality. We play off your competitors against each other to the full so as to achieve the best results.

The art of negotiation

Once we start negotiating with interested parties, we act as a creative problem solver, mediator or tough negotiator. In doing so, we always put your interests first and we stay on the ball to achieve our goal.

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